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Safety Tips

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#1 Eda Sureshe

Eda Sureshe


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Posted 08 September 2014 - 09:32 AM

--- This Tips I saw on Mathrubhumi Site. Found very Useful in these days where Vehicles fly like birds So sharing ths here ---



1. Safety awareness should begin from childhood.If safety awareness is imparted during childhood, safety will
be a habit.

2. Video and Computer games involving Motor Racing should be controlled by parents
or banned by Government, as it will develop racing habit in children.

3. All sorts of Motor sports, especially racing shall be restricted by government. Telecast of
Motor Sports and Racing also shall be controlled / viewed with parental guidance.

4. Racing, over speed, highly risky riding / driving by heroes should not be filmed in movies
and TV serials. Children are likely to imitate the same. Statutory warning will not help.
Government should censor such scenes.

5. Children below a certain age should not be permitted to do cycling in busy roads

6. Black color should not be permitted for Cycles.

7. Tamper proof speed governors shall be made mandatory for all heavy vehicles. New
heavy vehicles should have built in tamper proof speed governors.

8. Two wheeler manufacturers shall be asked to design two wheelers with a designed
maximum possible speed of 60/70 kilometer per hour. This limit may be decided based on
the conditions of each country.

9. Day light like lighting shall be provided in important roads with bidirectional traffic, so that
head light or high beam can be avoided and a lot of accidents caused by high beam of
vehicles coming from opposite direction can be avoided.

10. Refreshment parlors shall be made available at every 50 / 100 kilometer on all highways
and important roads. Truck, Heavy vehicle drivers shall be forced to refresh by having a
face wash or by having a cup of tea or coffee.

11. New gadgets are to be developed for collision prevention and shall be fitted on all vehicles.
 For example, gadgets can be developed to automatically slow down the vehicle, if safe distance
commensurate with the speed of the vehicle in front is not maintained. Low cost Anti
drowsy gadgets can be developed for warning the driver, when the driver begins to sleep.

12. Most important method to bring down accidents is strict enforcement of speed limits. 90%
of accidents can be avoided by strict enforcement of speed limits.

13. Helmet should be made compulsory by law in all states. Helmet should be made
compulsory for pillion riders also.

14. Two numbers of Helmets shall be distributed compulsorily with the sale of each twowheeler.

15. Ensure that all Helmet users are fixing the Chin strap of Helmet. Otherwise it will not
help during an accident.

16. Ensure that only good quality Helmets that meet standard specifications are available in the
market. Road side sale of Helmets shall be prohibited.

17. The practice of keeping the traffic signals in standby mode during nights and on holidays is
to be reviewed and discontinued.

18. Black vehicles are more likely to be involved in accidents because of its low visibility. Hence
black vehicles, especially cars and motor cycles shall be discouraged or future
production of black vehicle shall be banned. Moreover, black cars consume more fuel to
maintain the air conditioner cooling, as black color absorb more heat from atmosphere. Just
imagine the amount of fuel that can be saved, amount of carbon emission that can be
avoided by discouraging black vehicles in the country. Even if the savings in fuel is as low
as a single drop per kilometer, the total savings for the country is going to be enormous.

19. The color of most of the Containers is very dull. Hence container carriers are likely to cause
crash when parked near road side, especially under low light conditions. Yellow / bright
color shall be promoted for containers, internationally.

20. Bright colored dresses shall be promoted for Children. Dark / dull colors should not
be the prominent shade of school uniforms.

21. Advertisements by automobile companies which include scenes of dangerous and
risky riding or driving should be banned. Youngsters are likely to imitate the same.
Statutory warnings will not help. Please note that small kids can't read. Such ads will result
in irreparable character formation regarding riding and driving in kids and children. Children
watching such ads may cause accidents in future.

22. Automobile and cycle manufacturers shall be asked to stop producing black and dark
vehicles. Yellow, orange or other bright colored vehicles shall be produced instead.
Fluorescent paints will be ideal and shall be recommended by the Ministry.

23. Advertisement boards and other items that may obstruct visibility at junctions, curvatures
and other parts of the roads should be removed immediately.

24. Time Punching of Private buses practiced in some states (e.g. Kerala) should be
discontinued as it is forcing the drivers to go at high speed, after traffic blocks.

25. Front and Back of all Trucks and Lorries shall be painted with golden yellow color to
increase visibility. This will help to reduce accidents, when Lorries and Trucks are parked
on roadside without parking lights switched on.

26. Reflectors can also be fixed in front, back and on sides of Trucks and Lorries.

27. Minimum age limit for two wheeler and Heavy Vehicle license shall be raised.

28. Junctions and narrow areas of roads which cause traffic blocks shall be renovated. This will
help to save time and avoid over speed.

29. Over bridges shall be constructed at busy level crosses, as early as possible. Cost for this
will be paid off easily by savings in time, fuel and saving in lives. This also, will help to save
time and avoid over speed.

30. Driving tests for issue of driving license are to be made more stringent and foolproof.

31. Lower age limit for two wheeler and Heavy Vehicle license shall be raised.

32. Law should be modified such that the individual who causes the accident has to bear a part
of the insurance claims, depending on severity of negligence. Also the compensations shall
be made very huge, making accidents unaffordable, so that everyone will be very more

33. Ensure that the money recovered as Road Tax is fully utilized for the construction and
maintenance of roads.

34. Promote water transport wherever possible. New ports are to be developed and make use
of shipping for goods transportation, reducing the dependence on trucks.

35. Fluorescent and highly bright head lights are to be prohibited as they can cause accidents
by hindering the visibility of drivers coming in opposite direction.

36. Newspaper, Television and other media shall be effectively used for Public SafetyAwareness.

37. Road Safety leaflets shall be distributed among public by Information and Public relations

38. License should be mandatory for Electric two wheel vehicles also.

39. Silence can kill !!! Noiseless electric two wheel vehicles are dangerous. Artificial
sound should be induced while running.

40. Sound can also kill !!! Loud speakers shall not be permitted near road side for
festivals and meetings.

41. Life / Health Insurance and vehicle Insurance companies shall take up massive public
awareness projects. It will pay off !!!

42. All the roads shall be maintained properly. Permanent contracts or arrangements shall be in
place for maintaining all roads in good condition 24 hours a day, 365 days an year. If a
pothole is repaired in time it can save a life !!!

43. One way traffic shall be implemented on all roads as far as possible. Roads shall be
widened wherever required. Curvatures are to be minimized. Medians are to be
constructed in roads with two way traffic.

44. Footpaths and medians shall be made mandatory for all important roads and for all new roads.

45. The ends of the road dividers should be shielded with proper crash cushions and/or
crashworthy terminals that are successfully crash tested based on the current
European (EN1317-3) or US (NCHRP 350 or MASH) testing criteria. These crash
cushions and terminals will absorb a portion of the impact and will reduce the
severity of the impact for vehicle occupants. Dividers shall be painted with fluorescent

46. Zebra crossings shall be provided at appropriate places for crossing the road safely.

47. Signals for road crossings shall be provided at important and busy places where a large
number of people have to cross the road every day.

48. Roads should be properly marked. Sign posts should be provided wherever required.

49. Direction boards shall be installed wherever required.

50. Humps shall be provided at all important places, accident prone areas. Humps shall be
made mandatory for all sub roads where it enters a main road.

51. Construction, size and shape of the Humps should be scientific. All concerned in the Public
Works Department should be given training on scientific Hump construction.

52. Humps should be clearly marked, to avoid accidents. Methods of permanent nature should
be followed in Hump marking. For example white marble pieces / fluorescent pigment can be used.

53. Provision of small pilot humps few meters before humps can also be considered to ensure
that humps are not left unnoticed.

54. Obstructions on road sides caused by unauthorized construction and road side sales
should be eliminated completely.

55. Visibility should be increased near turnings. Sometimes, even cutting of grass to increase
visibility can help save many lives.

56. Low cost Anti drowsy warning gadgets shall be developed and made mandatory in
heavy vehicles, during night travel.

57. Low cost tamper proof electronic devices shall be developed to continuously record the
speed of the vehicle and should be fitted on all heavy vehicles. The devices shall be
examined in case of accidents – a miniature version of black box of aero plane.

58. Video cameras shall be installed at regular intervals on highways and should be
centrally monitored.

59. All automobile manufacturers shall be asked to strengthen safety standards of vehicles by
improved design. It is to be noted here that in the series of collisions of 200 plus vehicles at
Dubai in 2008, only few people were killed. This is because of the high safety standards.

60. All models of vehicles should be issued an international safety rating number (say from 1 to
10) based on their safety features, design, build, color etc. Vehicle manufacturers will
compete to improve the safety to get top ranking. This will ultimately result in saving of
many lives. Customers can easily select the safest vehicle based on safety number.

61. Union government should play an active role on state governments to control road
accidents. Union government should not say that Road Safety is the subject matter of state

62. Means of mass transportation like Metro Rail shall be implemented in all major and upcoming cities.

63. Road accidents are to be recognized as the worst problem of the society. While only few
hundred are killed in terrorist attacks, more than 1.2 million persons are killed in road

accidents every year, worldwide. Threat due to terrorism is not being underestimated. Road
accidents are to be firmly dealt with due importance. Task forces with participation of all
concerned shall be set up to control road accidents.

64. Attention distracting Hoardings, banners, posters, advertisements etc. are be banned near
roads and highways.

65. A small pool of water or a hanging branch of tree or cable on roadside can cause accidents.
Such obstructions will make the pedestrians and drivers to take sudden lateral movement
which may result in accidents. Hence any obstruction on the side of roads which can cause
a lateral movement shall be rectified immediately.

66. International and BIS standards for the color of Helmets shall be changed to bright colors to
reduce accidents by increased visibility. Black and dark colors should not be permitted.

67. Street dogs are to be eliminated completely.

68. Domestic waste should not be deposited on road side. It will attract dogs!!!

69. School Buses shall be painted with bright yellow color.

70. Stipulate minimum experience and maximum age limit for the drivers of school buses.

71. 'Road Safety' has to be a mandatory topic for School Projects for students of all classes.

72. Road Safety Day / Road Safety Week shall be observed in all Schools, every year.
Competitions on Road Safety Tips, Slogans, Essays, and Paintings etc. shall be conducted
for students of various classes.

73. Accident statistics should be periodically reviewed to understand the effect of actions taken.
Corrective steps should be taken based on these reviews.

74. Eyes of old driving license holders shall be checked at regular intervals.

75. Judicial Commissions shall be setup to monitor steps taken to control road accidents and to
monitor the accident rates on a monthly basis.

76. Major accidents and accident prone areas shall be analyzed scientifically. Preventive steps
shall be taken based on the analysis.

77. Speed has to be restricted at accident prone areas.

78. Drunken driving should be firmly dealt with.

79. Heavy Penalty shall be imposed on all those who cross speed limits. If this is strictly
implemented, nobody will dare to go at high speed.

80. Existing speed limits shall be brought down further, if required.

81. All those who do not maintain the safe distance commensurate with the speed of the vehicle shall be penalized.

82. Penalties for traffic violations to be increased many fold, making accidents

83. Existing traffic rules shall be strictly enforced.

84. More stringent traffic rules shall be enacted, if required.

85. License of those who are involved in accidents shall be suspended immediately, at least
until they prove that they are not guilty.

86. License of those who make serious accidents should be cancelled immediately.

87. Health of heavy vehicles shall be checked periodically.

88. License of drunken drivers and riders should be cancelled immediately.

89. Introduce national / state level awards for Road Safety Volunteers / Organizations.

90. Celebrities from the field of film and sports shall play the role of Road Safety
Ambassadors to spread road safety tips.

91. Educate people to avoid overnight long journey by car. Effort to save a day will ultimately
result in loss of many lives.

92. Just like we have Fast Bus Service, we should have Slow Service also. Old people,
pregnant ladies, children etc. can make use of it. State owned Bus Transport organizations
should start Slow Service. Nominal additional service charge may be levied for the special
service, if required.

93. A red blinking bulb shall be fitted in front of the bus driver's seat. It can be operated by the
Door Checker when old people / pregnant ladies / people carrying babies / children getting
in or getting out of the bus.

94. Top of medians shall be cemented to prevent growth of grass. Otherwise, accidents
may happen due to lack of visibility while taking U-Turn

95. At all junctions, STOP mark shall be clearly painted, few meters away from the junction, in
all directions. Police should ensure that vehicles do not cross the mark when STOP signal is given.

96. At junctions, vehicles towards the left only should move in the left track.

97. Lane traffic shall be strictly implemented.

98. Black color shall not be used for three wheel vehicles also.

99. Promote the use of seat belts and child restraints. People shall be educated on this.

100.Bus bays to be constructed in busy roads on a war footing.

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Posted 28 September 2014 - 09:09 AM

Thank you for your effort

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Posted 28 September 2014 - 09:09 AM


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Posted 28 September 2014 - 09:10 AM

Help ful

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Posted 28 September 2014 - 09:10 AM

Thank you

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Posted 28 September 2014 - 09:10 AM


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Posted 28 September 2014 - 09:11 AM


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Posted 28 September 2014 - 09:11 AM


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Posted 28 September 2014 - 09:11 AM

Thank you for the topic

#10 VIncenT GomeZ

VIncenT GomeZ

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Posted 03 June 2015 - 08:27 PM

Suru :good: Share

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#11 ~KrishnettaN~


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Posted 07 June 2015 - 08:09 AM

10. Refreshment parlors shall be made available at every 50 / 100 kilometer on all highways
and important roads.

ഇതെനിക്ക് ഇഷ്ടായി....ഇപ്പോൾ തന്നെയുണ്ടല്ലോ ബിവറേജസ് ഔട്ട്‌ലെറ്റുകൾ..


പിന്നെ എന്റെ വക ഒരു നിർദേശം കൂടി...
ഓട്ടോ റിക്ഷകൾ വളരെ അശാസ്ത്രീയമായി രൂപകല്പ്പന ചെയ്തിട്ടുള്ള വാഹനമാണ്.
മുന്ഭാഗത്തിന് പിന്ഭാഗത്തെക്കാൾ വീതി കുറവ്. ഡ്രൈവർ മറ്റു വാഹനങ്ങളിലെ പോലെ വലതു ഭാഗത്ത് ഇരിക്കുന്നതിനു പകരം നടുവിൽ ഇരിക്കുന്നു. ഇതുമൂലം ഏതെങ്കിലും വശങ്ങളിലേക്ക് തിരിക്കുന്ന സമയം ഡ്രൈവർക്ക് പിന്നിലൂടെ വരുന്ന വാഹനങ്ങളെയും കാൽനട യാത്രക്കാരെയും കാണാൻ സാധിക്കുന്നില്ല. അതിനാൽ പകുതി തിരിഞ്ഞതിനു ശേഷം മാത്രമേ പിറകിലെ കാഴ്ചകൾ കാണാൻ സാധിക്കൂ.


രണ്ടാമതായി, ഓട്ടോകൾക്ക് നമ്മുടെ നിരത്തുകളിൽ അനുവദിച്ചിട്ടുള്ള പരമാവധി വേഗത 30 കിലോമീറ്റർ ആണ്. എന്നാൽ ഇപ്പോൾ 'ആപ്പ', മഹീന്ദ്ര തുടങ്ങിയ ഡീസൽ ഓട്ടോകൾ 60 കിലോമീറ്റർ വേഗത്തിൽ ആണ് സഞ്ചരിക്കുന്നത്. കാർ, ബസ്‌, ബൈക്ക് തുടങ്ങിയവയെ ഓവർടേക്ക് ചെയ്യുന്നത് സാധാരണ കാഴ്ചയാണ്. സാധാരണക്കാർ ആശ്രയിക്കുന്ന വാഹനമാണ്...എന്നാലും പൊതു സുരക്ഷിതം നോക്കി നിയന്ത്രണം കൊണ്ടുവരണം.

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