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Naina has obtained a high score of 11.46 Today, 01:30 AM Playing 100m Running Play Now!                Naina has obtained a high score of 93 Today, 01:22 AM Playing Bouncy n Bob Play Now!                OOkkan Ambro has obtained a high score of 435.36 Yesterday, 07:24 PM Playing Swim Shot Play Now!                Naina has obtained a high score of 102 Yesterday, 06:35 PM Playing Archery Play Now!                OOkkan Ambro has obtained a high score of 26 Yesterday, 03:55 PM Playing Sport Cricket Challenge Play Now!                

High Score Champs

Dracula KuttappaN with 270 Trophies

Pokkiri SimoN with 98 Trophies

BuLBuL Vinu with 98 Trophies

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Newest Champions
Nov 19 2017 01:03 PM KD Thulli scored 713,500 points playing Teddy Goes Swimming
Nov 07 2017 11:17 PM Shaji PappaN scored 1,029,135 points playing Derailed
Nov 01 2017 04:32 PM KD Thulli scored 13,460 points playing Burgers N Bombs
Oct 28 2017 07:23 PM Pokkiri SimoN scored 22,685 points playing Drift Raiders
Oct 22 2017 01:50 PM BuLBuL Vinu scored 29 points playing Worms Massacre
Latest Scores
Today, 01:30 AM Naina scored 11.46 points playing 100m Running
Today, 01:22 AM Naina scored 93 points playing Bouncy n Bob
Yesterday, 07:24 PM OOkkan Ambro scored 435.36 points playing Swim Shot
Yesterday, 06:35 PM Naina scored 102 points playing Archery
Yesterday, 03:55 PM OOkkan Ambro scored 26 points playing Sport Cricket Challenge


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Current High Score Champ
 PK Pavanayi 
with a score of 311,912

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Current High Score Champ
 KD Thulli 
with a score of 47

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